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Your source for weekly news, information and updates in the Yosemite National Park region and beyond.

Yosemite Fire Update

Yosemite Bear Facts

Waterfall Update


Reservations will be required for dates in green between 5 am to 4 pm. For full day or half day reservations visit

2024 Schedule of Yosemite National Park Entrance Reservations
Yosemite Reservation Schedule

You do not need reservations if:

  •  you are entering on one of our guided tours

  •  you have a Half Dome or wilderness permit

  • you have lodging or camping reservations inside of Yosemite National Park

  • you are entering on YARTS

  • you are on foot, bike or horse


Road Closures & Detours

Tioga Road

Tioga Road and the Highway 120 entering the Park from Lee Vining and Mammoth Lakes, CA is open for the season.

Road crews will be working on the Tioga pass road from Lembert dome parking area to the Tioga pass gate clearing drainages and roadside brushing, please drive slow in the work zone and watch out for road workers and equipment in the area, expect up to 15-minute traffic delays Monday - Thursday.

Hetch Hetchy Road

Hetchy Road, from the intersection of Evergreen Road and Mather Road, is open daily from sunrise to sunset. This road does not require reservation and become congested during peak visitation times www

Big Oak Flat Road

Big Oak Flat Road & Highway 120 entering the Park from Groveland, CA is open.

Simple Yosemite Road Map
Yosemite Map

Wawona Road

Wawona Road & Highway 41 entering the Park from Oakhurst, CA, is open, but may experience delays due to heavy traffic during peak visitation.

Mariposa Grove Road

The road leading into the Mariposa Grove is free of delays.  Road is currently closed for the winter. When open, road is open only to vehicles displaying disability placards. All others must use the free shuttle from the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza which operates approximately late May through November.

El Portal Road

El Portal Road and Highway 140 entering the Park from Mariposa, CA are not closed, but may experience delays.

Arch Rock Entrance Bypass Project:

If you travel along the El Portal Road (Hwy 140) between Yosemite Valley and El Portal you may have noticed traffic cones and barricades being staged along the side of the road. This week we will be setting-up the Arch Rock Bypass in time for the approaching busy weekend.

This summer we will be piloting the Arch Rock Bypass on the El Portal Road (Hwy 140). The bypass is essentially a temporary traffic control operation that will allow authorized vehicles to travel up the outbound lane and "bypass" the line at the entrance station. This will be set up like a construction zone with signs warning travelers about a flagger / detour ahead, uniformed staff will be stationed at both ends of the bypass. The half-mile bypass will start at Little Windy Point on the west side and extend up El Portal Road to the east side of the Arch Rock Entrance. This will allow authorized vehicles to bypass up to 80 vehicles waiting at the entrance station.  

If you travel El Portal Road, you may be able to use the bypass. We hope to operate the bypass every day a reservation is required, typically during morning commuting hours until mid-day, depending on length of the line at the entrance station and availability of staff.  

What vehicles are authorized vehicles? Government vehicles with I or G plates, Privately owned vehicles with an employee or resident sticker, or Vehicles with an admin pass (e.g., contractors, vendors, Tribal members)  

Travelers leaving the park on El Portal Road in the morning should expect up to a 10-minute delay when the bypass is operating. The bypass will stop mid-day, before most vehicles are leaving the park. As always, please slow down as you approach Arch Rock Entrance.

State Route 140 (SR-140) between Cathey’s Valley and the town of Mariposa will undergo improvements throughout the summer. Work will include pavement preservation with hot-mix asphalt, and removal and installation of guardrails, culverts, dikes, shoulder backing, signage, and corner curb ramps at seven intersections. Crews will work night shifts for approximately 170 working days, Sunday through Thursday, with alternating lane closures on eastbound and westbound SR-140. Project completion is expected in December 2024.

Glacier Point Road

Glacier Point Road is open for the season! The Badger Pass cutoff road is closed.

Yosemite Valley Roads

All roads within Yosemite Valley are subject to heavy traffic during the season.

Beginning Monday, July 15, the NPS contractor will complete asphalt patching between new concrete braking pads and the existing pavement at bus stops 14 (Curry Orchard eastbound), 15 (Upper Pines), and 18 (Lower Pines). Travel time will be affected by asphalt deliveries and construction equipment in roadways. This work is scheduled to be completed by Friday, July 19, bringing an end to roadway construction under this project. Work on pedestrian pathways and wooden shelters will continue until August 31.

Traffic will be diverted on Thursday, August 1, and Friday, August 2.  This will be for the backfilling portion of the project, so the diversion will be limited to just a few minutes to deposit material at the work site.

North Side Drive between El Capitan Woodlot to Pohono Bridge will see delays. Hazardous fuel reduction is taking place on Northside Drive from El Capitan Woodlot to Pohono Bridge. This work is being conducted in preparation of prescribed fire and provide a safer place for fire fighters to work if a wildfire burns up the Merced River Canyon. Please watch for workers and drive slowly through the work zone. Traffic holds are 15 minutes while workers remove woody material. Delays may be expected Mon-Fri, 06:00-16:00 through June 20th. Thank you for your support and understanding.

No shuttle service to Happy Isles and Mirror Lake through July 26. Shuttles are not servicing stops 14–19 (Curry Village, Happy Isles and Mirror Lake trailheads, and Pines campgrounds). A temporary shuttle stop is available near the Curry Village front desk. Access to the closed shuttle stops is by foot or bicycle only.


Recreational Conditions

Closed Campgrounds

Crane Flat, Tamarack Flat, White Wolf, Yosemite Creek, and Tuolumne Meadow

Mist Trail Repair  

From July 1st - October 31st  2024 the Lower Mist Trail - from the John Muir Trail (JMT) junction (just uphill from the Vernal Fall Footbridge) to the top of Vernal Fall - will be closed M-TH between 7:00am and 3:30pm from 7/1/24 – 10/31/24 (subject to change). The trail will remain open Fridays, weekends and holidays. It is expected to be open overnight, however there may be certain days when trail crew is not able to make it safe to open overnight. In that case, the gates will remain closed, and signs will be posted at the two closure gates that the trail is closed.  Hikers and backpackers headed to Half Dome and points beyond from the trailhead at Happy Isles may hike uphill on the Mist Trail if they reach the Mist Trail/JMT junction by 7:00am, Monday through Thursday. Otherwise, they must hike the JMT

Valley Loop Trail

A short section of the Valley Loop Trail at The Ahwahnee is closed due to rockfall risk, although a short detour is available.

JMT Reopens

The JMT between Clark Point and Nevada Fall is now open to foot traffic after being cleared from rockfall debris.

Merced Grove of Giant Sequoias

Merced Grove Trail will be closed starting July 8 for tree work/biomass removal. The closure is expected to last about two months.

Elizabeth Lake Trailhead

Elizabeth Lake Trailhead (in Tuolumne Meadows Campground) is closed. Start from the visitor center or Dog Lake parking areas instead.

Half Dome

The Half Dome cables are up for the season; they are planned to remain in place through October 15. A permit is required to hike to the top of Half Dome when the cables are up.

Peregrin Falcon Climbing Closures

All Falcon Closure were lifted on July 15th.

Additional Climbing Closures

Serenity Crack and Super Slide Climbing Area Closure: Closure includes all routes between and including Peruvian Flake West to the Rhombus Wall. The popular routes Serenity Crack/Sons of Yesterday, and Super Slide are included in the closure. 

Echo Adventure Cooperative Member Rock Climbing in Yosemite
Free Climbing in Yosemite

Fire Update – July 14, 2024

Thunderstorms developed over Yosemite National Park over the past few days and nine lightning fires have been detected. These fires are in high elevation wilderness ranging from 4,700 to 9,800 feet and fire managers are assessing conditions and response. TheAspen, Grove, Dog Leg, Smith, and Dewey fires are being actively suppressed with ground crews and/or aviation assets where appropriate.  The Indian, Porcupine, Harden, and Cascade fires will have firefighters on scene providing updates on conditions.

Some areas of the park received precipitation from this storm; as fuels dry out, we may see additional fires.


Yosemite National Park is a fire-adapted ecosystem. The overall strategy for managing all wildland fires is to provide for the safety of employees and the public and protect and enhance natural and cultural resources.



Location: One mile west of Aspen Valley. 6,200’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning



Location: Northwest of Crane Flat near the Tuolumne Grove Road. 4,700’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning


Dog Leg

Location: Northeast of Crane Flat, near Unicorn Creek. 5,200’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning



Location: Southeast of Smith Peak, south of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. 7,200’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning



Location: Southwest of Dewey Point. 7,200’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning



Location: South of Tioga Road, west of Lehamite Creek. 7,400’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning



Location: North of Tioga Road, southwest of Wegner Lake. 9,800’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning



Location: Northwest of White Wolf, west of Harden Lake. 7,200’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning



Location: South of Tioga Road, west of Yosemite Creek. 7,600’ elevation.

Discovery Date: July 13, 2024                    Size: 0.1 acre

Containment: 0%                                         Cause: Lightning


Yosemite Bear Facts

Latest Report | July 6, 2024

Bear Incidents:

Wilderness: 6

Campgrounds: 0

Parking lots and roadsides: 0

Residential: 0

Other areas: 4

Total: 10

Number of incidents last year: 38

So far this year, incidents are:

  • down by 9% compared to last year

  • up by 0% compared to the year with the fewest incidents (2019)

  • down by 97% compared to the year with the most incidents (1998)

Note: A bear incident occurs when a bear causes a monetary loss to a person--that is, if the bear causes property damage or obtains food. Bear incidents also include cases of bears causing injury to a person (which are fairly uncommon).

Activity Summary

At least two different bears have been very active in the wilderness of northern Yosemite, spending much time near the Vernon Lake. Bears have been approaching campers and obtaining improperly stored food. Rangers have been doing targeted patrols in an effort to scare these bears away. Another sow with two cubs has been active in the Vernal and Nevada Falls area..

With ripening berries and other fruit, bears are becoming very active in Yosemite Valley. These summer food sources are drawing more wild bears into Yosemite Valley including sows with cubs. This is a critical time in preventing them from becoming used to people or getting people’s food. In Tuolumne Meadows, a tagged bear and her recently separated yearlings are being seen frequently roadside and near development. Bears have been causing bear jams around Crane Flat and along the Glacier Point Road.

Let us know if you see a bear, no matter where it is or what it's doing. Call 209/372-0322 or send an email.

A yellow sign featuring a red silhouette of a bear with black lettering that says speeding kills bears.
Red Bear Dead Bear

Slow Down!

Seven bears have been hit by vehicles with one confirmed dead. A gray fox was also hit and killed by a vehicle on the Big Oak Flat road near Foresta. Help protect wildlife by obeying speed limits and being prepared to stop for animals on roads.

Fascinating Bear Fact

Bears can travel great distances to return to a known food source. Relocated bears frequently return very quickly to their home range, and in the process of returning, risk encountering vehicles as well as human development. For this reason, we avoidsrelocating bears.

Learn more about bear biology and bear management in Yosemite.

Other Wildlife

Summer is here! The Northern Pacific rattlesnake is a venomous species found in Yosemite. These snakes have excellent camouflage and are easy to miss when hiking hot, dusty trails, or scrambling through talus fields. Always check under objects and rocks when sitting to snack, and if you encounter a rattlesnake, give it plenty of room. Do not try to move the animal, it will move off trail on its own if given space.


Current Waterfall Conditions

A waterfall coming from a hanging valley
Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Falls | 2,425 ft | Flows: approximately November through July, with peak flow in May.

Current Condition: Upper is seeing a weakening Flow. Lower is still a moderate flow.

Bridalveil Fall | 620 feet | Flows: all year, with peak flow in May

Current Condition: Active

Nevada Fall | 594 feet | Flows: all year, with peak flow in late May.

Current Condition: Moderate Flow

Vernal Fall(s) | 317 feet | Flows: all year, though by mid to late summer, it narrows and separates into one, two, or three falls as water flows decrease; peaks in late May.

Current Condition: Moderate Flow

Wapama Falls | 1,400 feet | Flows: all year, with peak flow in May.

Current Conditions: Moderate Flow

Chilnualna Falls | 2,200 feet | Flows: all year, with peak flow in May

Current Conditions: Strong Flow


Tuolumne River Flow Rates

For permitting and access information contact the Groveland Ranger District.


Flows will continue to remain elevated and may vary significantly over the coming weeks as weather changes and spring runoff season progresses.


Stated flow rates are best estimates and are subject to change as conditions and operational constraints evolve.


Echo Adventure Cooperative Member fly fishing on the Tuolumne River
Fly Fishing in the Tuolumne River Backpacking Trip


Nature in the News

The largest mid-elevation meadow in Yosemite National Park is undergoing an $18 million restoration project

The outcomes of species reintroductions are never guaranteed, and with no evidence of CRLF living in Yosemite Valley for 50 years


Yosemite and Gateway Communities in the News

Gripped Magazine

Rivian has opened a new lounge in an old gas station close to Yosemite National Park.


Half Dome and El Capitan are must-see spots in Yosemite, offering stunning views and challenging hikes for experienced hikers. Yosemite Falls is a ...


YOSEMITE, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The body of a missing hiker in Yosemite National Park has been recovered, according to the family. 24-year-old ...

San Francisco Chronicle

“Having this charging outpost makes Yosemite a more approachable place” for EV drivers, said Paul Frey, Rivian's vice president of propulsion, ...

Merced County Times

Enter YARTS — the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System based in Merced. I first tried our dedicated public transit to Yosemite two weeks ago ...

World Atlas

However, Groveland's open spaces are more exciting, with tourists taking on the Carlon Falls Trail to explore a rich wilderness with a gorgeous ...


Upcoming Events

Annual Yosemite Chinese History Pilgrimage

The 12th Annual Yosemite Chinese History Pilgrimage will be happening this month from July 26-28, 2024. It will be based in Lee Vining with walks and programs in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite Valley and Wawona to honor the many contributions made by early Chinese in Yosemite. For more information, go to the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California's event registration site at:

Do you know of anything happening in Yosemite National Park or the surrounding Gateways that you would like to share with visitors!? What about other tidbits you think we should share each week? Add in the comments or message us with more information!


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