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Illilouette Fall

Our Destination

Driven by our promise to Echo Adventure Cooperative, The Yosemite Basecamp mission to provide a haven of exploration, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship for visitors of Yosemite National Park.


Driven by a commitment to social and environmental sustainability, we invite all individuals, regardless of background, to find solace and empowerment in California's wild spaces. Our focus extends beyond selling outdoor gear; we aspire to create a welcoming sanctuary where the LGTBQ+ and BIPOC communities, as well as the neurodivergent and those with disabilities, can feel at home and embark on journeys that connect them to the outdoors. We pledge to foster outdoor equity by offering unique experiences, educational opportunities, and adaptive resources. Through innovative initiatives, we aim to bridge the gap between people and nature, promoting understanding, respect, and conservation.

At Yosemite Basecamp, we choose stand as a symbol of unity, embracing diversity and advocating for the preservation of our planet. Join us on this transformative expedition as we redefine outdoor exploration and leave a positive, lasting impact on the land and the lives we touch.


...together, we can do so much. 

– Helen Keller 

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