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Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Quote: This quote in non-binding and may change once the items are reviewed in person.  

Delivery and Shipping: If the quote is accepted then seller is responsible for any cost incurred to ship or transporting gear to the Yosemite Basecamp. 

Payment: Payments are made through Venmo or with a mailed check.  Gear must present with sellers government ID before payment will be sent. 

Returns and Refunds: Yosemite Basecamp will not be able to return or accept a refund for used gear once it is sold.  The original seller may repurchase. 

Privacy and Data Handling: We will not sell your data.  Seller's identity will only be disclosed if legally compelled to disclose information via warrant or similar. 

Liability and Disclaimers: Seller agrees that they own or have the right to resale.  Yosemite Basecamp will not be held responsible.

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